Monday, April 7, 2008

Virginia Children's Museum

I took William out to the Children's Museum for a change of scenery. This place is awesome. We spent most of the time in the fenced off part reserved for toddlers. I've already written about it in Robyn's Visit but I wanted to post pictures for family members (Sean especially) to see what we're doing. In the picture above, William was upset that I wasn't letting him escape.
Soft blocks, stairs and slides, wire and beads, what kid wouldn't love this place?!
There was a big bucket of trains and cars to play on the giant track or the large mat with roads printed on it.
He climbed up on the stool all by himself and started to play. What a big boy!

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Delee Cox said...

Hey! We went to the museum on Saturday morning! When did you go? I wonder if we just missed you. We should go together sometime I have a pass my parents got us for Christmas, It's so worth it! Jaxson loves the little play yard, too. William is so cute! I love your blog, even though we see eachother a lot it's great to see what you're up to!