Monday, April 28, 2008

I Did NOT Sign on for This!!

Okay, so when Sean made the decision to join the Navy, I was all for it. I support him 100%. I knew what I was in for. I knew he'd leave on a long deployment and I'd have to deal with the loneliness, the single parent scene, the yard work, etc. I was willing to live wherever we had to. Because of the Navy, I had to live with my parents for 3 months (during Sean's Officer Candidate School) with a newborn, then in Athens, Georgia for 6 months then now here in Portsmouth, Virginia. All that moving was in the space of a year. It was stressful and difficult, but I knew we had signed on for that.

Okay, here's the part where I'm upset. I was at home, doing the laundry, when all of a sudden the TV goes into Emergency Mode. There was a tornado nearby. A TORNADO!! Scariest natural disaster imaginable (in my opinion). I was okay with living near the coast where floods and hurricanes can be predicted hours, sometimes days, in advance. All of a sudden I'm told to 'duck and cover.' and with no basement for protection. I had asked around about tornadoes in the area before and everyone said we get thunderstorms that have tornado potential, but not really that dangerous. Of course, I'd live here the first time there is a tornado.

Alright, it was on the other side of town, but still, I'm so scared. I'm all by myself and if there was a huge natural disaster, what on earth am I going to do?! Even though Sean can't do anything to stop whatever is going to happen, I just want him home so I have someone to be scared with.

Now, there's a wall of water pouring down on us. I better go and make sure the windows are closed.


KrishasKrew said...

I hope that you and William are doing well, and found a way to survive and pass the time during your crazy weather experience!!

PeggyB said...

I'm so sorry you had to endure that alone. I know when we had those high winds and the power was out for a few hours it was pretty freaky here...can't imagine what a tornado is like...even on the other side of town. Hang in there, sweetie. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Sara said...

What?!?!? That is terrible. I'm scared to death of tornadoes myself and dread hearing the tornado siren. I'm so sorry you had to go through that alone. Hope you and William are ok...especially you.