Monday, April 21, 2008

Reflections of Christ

In Relief Society we watched a short video of photographs depicting the life of the Savior set to music. I was speechless and couldn't wait to see it again. It captures scenes from the life of Christ and makes them real and not just glorified in paintings. My favorite is the manger scene with Mary and baby Jesus sleeping while Joseph keeps a protective watch. It's so honest and real. I can't describe it. I couldn't download it (copyright laws) but here is the link to where you can watch it. It's amazing!

Just click on the movie to get it started. There is also a full screen button to click there if you want. I recommend the full screen.

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KrishasKrew said...

Thanks for sharing that awesome video, that is one of my very favorite hymn even though it isn't in the hymn book. I loved it!!