Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank You, Emily!

I got my fabulous homemade prize from my friend, Emily. Thank you so much. They're so cute and I will definitely use them. You can make cards for me anytime!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Pictures

I took William to get his Spring pictures taken. I think I need to go more often because he was a little scared of the white background screen that he was to stand on. I don't know what his deal was but he would stand right up to the edge of it and not budge. It took some major psychology games to get him to feel comfortable standing on the screen AND looking at the camera. I loved the final result. You'd never know how much stress was caused to get these pictures.

*We'll take a family photo as soon as I lose the weight. In case you were wondering, I've lost 30+ lbs already. A drop in the bucket, but I'm encouraged.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sean Gets Pinned!

Sean finally got his SWSCO pin. For those who don't speak in acronyms it stands for Surface Warfare Supply Corps Officer pin. Basically it's his insignia that proves that he's competent at his job. He did have to take a bunch of tests and meet in front of a board of senior officers for interviews and prove he could do tasks such as damage control, flight operations, shipboard supply systems, and be the Officer of the Deck. It was a pretty big deal for Sean and I was very proud. Especially when they let me have the honor of pinning him.

Sean in his jumpsuit uniform.

William waited very patiently.

The pinning (just like Cub Scouts!)

It was SO hot in there and I was very dehydrated and therefore very pale.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Forgive the cliche title but I haven't posted for a while and there was a lot of Easter stuff that went on.

Primary Easter Party
Decorating bags for collecting eggs.

Grandma had to shoo away the other kids while William found the egg in the bush.

Some of the eggs were hidden pretty hard.

Playgroup Easter Party

William was upset that I had to go back for my camera so he laid down on the basketball court until I came back. What a turkey!

The eggs were dumped (not hidden!) and a lot of them popped open and spilled the candy. The kids picked up the whole eggs in a matter of minutes. I was a little disappointed.

The Play Doh was was the big hit with William. He didn't care about the Easter treats.

Easter Sunday

There wasn't a lot of grass to hide eggs in.

Eggs everywhere!

He kept wanting to get 'inside' his basket.

It was a fun week. I'm glad my mom was here to help out. Now I'm stuck with the post-Easter clean up!