Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny Stuff

Kids are so funny! The funny things they say are priceless. Here's a little sample of William's latest quips.

Shows up with an "Elefun" net on his head and says, "Mom, look! I'm Net Boy!"

"Mama, the clock says it's wake up time!"

After being reprimanded, he runs to me with tears in his eyes and asks, "Is Daddy mean? Say 'yes!'"

"Mom, where's your wiener?"

"Maybe Santa can bring Daddy a big tricycle so we can go ride together."

When Sean falls asleep on the floor in the front room, William will point at him with his fingers like a gun and yell, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" I asked him what that was. He said, "It's a Wake Up Gun."

Looking down at his feet he says, "Who's got light up shoes? I've got light up shoes! Where are the light up shoes? On my feet!"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farewell Conan!

Sure, he's responsible for unsavory (but hilarious!) characters such as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Robot on a Toilet, Vomiting Kermit, and who could forget, the Masterbating Bear. But even after a harsh break-up with NBC, Conan O'Brien ended his show with sincerity and class. His final words on the show were what I wanted to focus on. He addressed the younger fans of his show. He told them not to be cynical even if life doesn't turn out they way they wanted it to. And, my favorite part was when he said if you are hard working and kind, amazing things will happen. So true, so true! We can't all be famous or wealthy or beautiful models and blaming everyone for that loss is just ridiculous and serves no one. Having a family can be amazing. Having good friends can be amazing. Having love, trust, joy, and purpose in your life can be amazing. Way to stand up for the good guy! Thanks for the laughs, Conan! I've been with you since your 5th year on Late Night and I'll follow you to whatever show you do next.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Haircut

Oh man I've been chopped! Since the surgery, I've lost a lot of weight, AND hair! Since I can always count on my mom to "tell it how it is," I've been told that my long, thinning hair was very unsightly. The dry weather up here has also added a very annoying static effect so I decided to stop the madness and go short. I'm not too thrilled about it, though. I miss my long hair. Let me rephrase, I miss my healthy, long hair, but this style will have to do until then.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmastime with the Paynes

Now that the holiday dust has settled I can finally upload my photos and let you have a glimpse of what Christmastime with the Paynes was like.

Camp Hill Ward Christmas Dinner

Breakfast with Santa at Boyd's Bear Country
(My camera battery died just as Santa arrived! Arrrgh!!)

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