Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wreath Crazy!

I am ADDICTED to wreaths! I first wanted one to go on my front door at Christmas time. But there were so many cute fall wreaths so I had to get one for the fall. Then spring and summer. Then things got out of hand. I needed a wreath on the inside of the door as well as the back door, and the inside of the back door, and so on. I think I have a problem. Anyway, since cute wreaths can carry a hefty price tag, I had to get crafty to feed my addiction. I had a ratty old evergreen one that I had once decorated but it was looking pretty sad over the years. I stripped it and started from scratch. I found a cute inspiration piece in the Pottery Barn catalog, got some inexpensive glass balls and my trusty glue gun and went to town. I love my new wreath and despite the poor lighting in my photo, it really does look just like the catalog.

Pottery Barn - $99

Mine - $12

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cute Thanksgiving Kid Craft

Just came back from another fabulous playgroup activity. I had to share with you this craft.

  1. Paint your kid's palm and thumb with brown fabric paint.
  2. Paint the other fingers fall colors.
  3. Press the hand onto a dishtowel. (You may need to do some touch-up with a paintbrush!)
  4. Add a beak, waddle, legs, and feet with fabric paint and brush.
  5. Write a sentiment or name and date with a fabric paint pens.

This was somewhat tricky with a 2 year old but so worth it! What grandma could resist a couple of turkey towels?!

(By the way, the big turkey hand was mine. William was DONE after two imprints!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trick or Treat!

I finally figured out how to upload video from our video camera.

This Halloween William was very well rehearsed at saying, "Trick or Treat." He cleaned up on getting candy (or as my dad would say, "He made out like a fat rat!"). His little bag was so full when we got home. Good thing we live on a small street because he was tuckered out after about 8 homes. He was a sweet little pumpkin this time!