Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Portraits

Just got the kids' portraits done.  It wasn't near the stressful event that it has been in the past.  Charlotte was surprisingly cooperative.  Now we just need a session for the whole family!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Lego Party!

William has turned 6!  His long awaited Lego party finally came and we had such a great time. For the prep work, I took all the empty boxes I had been collecting for a month and wrapped them in red, yellow, green and blue paper.  I got Styrofoam from the dollar store and cut circles out to wrap for the Lego bumps.  Then I filled my lanterns with large Mega Blocks and Duplos.  For the Lego Figure Heads I took old animal cracker and pretzel containers and wrapped them in yellow crepe paper streamers.  Then I cut some black vinyl for eyes and a mouth.  I had to free hand but it wasn't a hard as I thought.  I took a real Lego figure as a model and with a Sharpie pen I drew the eyes and mouth and cut it out.  The kids had a great time holding up the head to theirs to look like a Lego guy.

For the birthday banner, I printed out the Lego font "Legothick" from  The favor boxes were from Oriental Trading.  I got the figures, stickers, pencils, and bouncy balls from Toys R Us.  The block candies I got online from Amazon.

I got paper lanterns from Oriental Trading and made tissue paper pom poms (how to on  Then I set the table with Lego 12x12 platforms as placemats.  The cake was a 9 x 13 cake with frosted jumbo marshmallows, sliced in half.  The block candles were from Target.

The party began with lunch.  We had popcorn cones (made from cardstock and stuck onto a thread spool rack), Lego jello, fruit and veggies, Lego cheese and crackers, Goldfish, and pizza cut to look like giant Lego blocks.

Then we headed to the coffee table for some games.  I took a ton of Legos from William's stash and had the kids suck up as many blocks as they could and load them on a paper plate.  The kid with the most after 2 minutes was the winner.  Then we had a tower building contest.  Then we played "Drop the Block into the Jar" game.

After the games we had cake and ice cream.  Then present time.  William got lots of cool stuff.  He couldn't wait to bust into his Angry Birds stuff and Lego Batman set.  After opening presents, I handed out small Ziplock sandwich bags and let them go to town on the treat bar.  For the backdrop I wrapped two foam boards taped together with wrapping paper.  I made Lego sugar cookies, Skittles, M&M's, chocolate squares, licorice, and vanilla Lego shaped candies (Make a Mold melting wafers) made from molds I bought on Amazon (also used to make the jello).  They got to fill their bags to take home and each got a favor box.

I believe a good time was had by all.  Even though I had a lot of fun putting this party together, I'm a little "Lego'd" out for a while!  Happy birthday, William!