Monday, September 27, 2010

Cutest Room in the House

Here is the cutest room in our house.  I can't NOT smile when I walk in.  Sometimes I just sit in the chair and bask in the girlie vibe.  I wanted to "nest it up" proper to make up for not getting to put a nursery together for William because we moved around so much when he was a baby.  Until William was 1, his room was just a crib in a storage room.

View from the door

I love my crib set!  The wall behind is where I'll put a hanging quilt rack.

The ottoman opens up and blankets are stored

Love doing the vinyl letters!
Love my Cricut!  I got the idea for this project from Crate and Barrel.  They were charging $3 a letter!

I found this instead of a dresser.  We'll get a real dresser later when I find the right one.

I found these cute wall decals online.

I'm so glad we went with a nice crib instead of a cheap one like last time.  William's crib fell apart before he was two!

A craft project with Mod Podge, patterned paper, and a canvas.

Everything is all ready!

I have to say a special "thank you!" to Sean for not making me feel guilty for kicking him out of his office, not making it an issue when I spent a little more in order to get what I really wanted and not just what was cheapest at the time, and for putting all of the furniture together.  Now all it needs is a sweet little baby to make it complete. I love this room!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Preschool

My little guy is in preschool now.  His teacher is Mrs. Barber and he is in the Blue Fish class.  He loves it and has no issues with being away from me.  All he needed to know is that they have toys, a playground, and new friends and he was saying, "Bye-bye, mom.  Hello, preschool!"  He goes Monday through Thursday, 12:30 to 3pm.  Just enough time for a little nap for me (or a fabulous stress-free trip to Costco). 

His preschool is at a Methodist church so they say opening prayers and blessings on the snacks.  His teacher told me that William volunteered to give the prayer and did it all by himself.  She said she was very impressed with him.   I loved hearing that.  They know that we're LDS.  Back in my hometown, there was a Methodist church that was convinced Mormons were not Christians and were very vocal about it.  I hope there is no confusion at this church.  I guess William will see to that.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Visit to the Peterson's

We went out to Philly to spend Labor Day with Darrin and his family.  They took us to their ward barbeque.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs then played a 'no points' game of kickball.  William had a hard time understanding the order of the bases.  Then when he got tagged out, he got sad.  After the game, we played at the playground.  The township had some bounce houses set up and the Philadelphia Eagle, Swoop, made an appearance to sign autographs and toss some footballs.  William was too busy with the inflatables to waste time on a mascot.  It was a lot to pack into my afternoon.  I was so exhausted by the time I waddled back to the car.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

William's 4 Year Old Portraits

Look out preschool girls!  William is undoubtedly a chick magnet.  He was such a ham and LOVED getting his pictures taken.  I was such a fool though because on the way to the Picture People, we stopped at the bank.  They asked if William wanted a lollipop and I said, "sure."  Big mistake!  William had a blue tongue, blue teeth, blue, sticky hands, lips and face.  What was I thinking?!  Luckily, we arrived early and I came prepared with a clean wash cloth and squirt bottle.  We went into the bathroom and I scrubbed is teeth, hands, face, everything!  I also made him drink a ton of water to rinse out the blue coloring.  I think the pictures turned out great but it was almost a disaster.  I'll remember to not have any food or candy right before a photo shoot next time.