Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Visit to the Peterson's

We went out to Philly to spend Labor Day with Darrin and his family.  They took us to their ward barbeque.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs then played a 'no points' game of kickball.  William had a hard time understanding the order of the bases.  Then when he got tagged out, he got sad.  After the game, we played at the playground.  The township had some bounce houses set up and the Philadelphia Eagle, Swoop, made an appearance to sign autographs and toss some footballs.  William was too busy with the inflatables to waste time on a mascot.  It was a lot to pack into my afternoon.  I was so exhausted by the time I waddled back to the car.


The Puffer Family said...

Heidi, you are looking so good! I can't believe you have less than a month left! I love the picture of William that looks like he's sulking as he's walking away from the field (maybe he's not sulking, but he still looks cute).

Sean said...

Heidi, you have the best blog...but you really need some music that starts playing in the background by itself. Maybe some Avril Lavigne, or Shedaisy :)

I love you, babe.