Monday, September 27, 2010

Cutest Room in the House

Here is the cutest room in our house.  I can't NOT smile when I walk in.  Sometimes I just sit in the chair and bask in the girlie vibe.  I wanted to "nest it up" proper to make up for not getting to put a nursery together for William because we moved around so much when he was a baby.  Until William was 1, his room was just a crib in a storage room.

View from the door

I love my crib set!  The wall behind is where I'll put a hanging quilt rack.

The ottoman opens up and blankets are stored

Love doing the vinyl letters!
Love my Cricut!  I got the idea for this project from Crate and Barrel.  They were charging $3 a letter!

I found this instead of a dresser.  We'll get a real dresser later when I find the right one.

I found these cute wall decals online.

I'm so glad we went with a nice crib instead of a cheap one like last time.  William's crib fell apart before he was two!

A craft project with Mod Podge, patterned paper, and a canvas.

Everything is all ready!

I have to say a special "thank you!" to Sean for not making me feel guilty for kicking him out of his office, not making it an issue when I spent a little more in order to get what I really wanted and not just what was cheapest at the time, and for putting all of the furniture together.  Now all it needs is a sweet little baby to make it complete. I love this room!

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Sean said...

Wait, what happened to my office? You told me you were doing an office makeover, and that I would love it...

Just kidding, your nursery looks great! You're so crafty.