Monday, March 23, 2009

A Payne-ful Weekend

We had a great weekend. Sean's family came to visit on Friday and Saturday. We've been looking forward to having them visit for a while, especially since Sean had not seen his folks for over 2 years. Friday night, we all squeezed into our tiny house and I made dinner. William loved it. He had his Uncle Evan (12 years old) to play with. He made a new best friend. It was particularly challenging for me to put out a spread because I'm due for surgery in a week and my doctor has me on a crazy Slim Fast/0 calorie liquid diet for 2 weeks. It was the hardest thing I've ever done to cook dinner for everyone and not be able to eat anything but a nasty Slim Fast shake and water for dessert. That was until we went out on Saturday to tour Sean's ship and a Naval Museum. After that, we went to Ci Ci's Pizza Buffet. I can't believe I got through the day with out going completely crazy. Hunger aside, it was a great weekend and we hope to see the Paynes again.

Payne Family
Hampton Roads Naval Museum
Ooh La La!
William and Grandma Payne
Sean got a fake mustache from the gumball machine
Who is that 'stached stranger?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top 'O The Mornin'

Today was our St. Patrick's Day party. Not a huge turnout like the other parties we've had but it was fun for those of us who showed up. The mall playground was not super crowed like it normally is so it was nice to let the kids run around and not worry about the craziness of a giant crowd. Then we had our craft which was to make a rainbow out of half a paper plate and bits of tissue paper and stamping on a shamrock paper. Then there was story time and William really got into for the first time. He was dancing a jig with the mom who was reading. Then we had treats. I made green sprinkled rice crispy treats, we had cups of Lucky Charms, green mint Hershey Kisses, and carrot sticks (for balance!) Each kid got some stickers and a cup of treats. Good times! I'm going to miss fun holiday parties when William reaches anti-holiday elementary school.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Warriors

We had the best weekend weather on Saturday, sunny and 78 degrees. Sean and I took full advantage of it and got to work on making our house look more appealing. I'm sick of coming home and thinking, "Who lives in that ugly house? Oh wait, that's me. . ." Well no more! We have a master plan to make our house have more curb appeal so we can sell it as soon as we know where we are being transferred to. It's still a work in progress. We'll have plants and flowers in as soon as they arrive. I've been dreading the yard work, but now, after seeing the small transformation, it has really given us momentum. I actually look forward to the next project day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is American Idol Doing to Me?!

How does this show do it?! It's just a dumb singing competition and yet tonight I was yelling at my TV like a crazy woman. First of all, I'm disappointed that my favorite girl, Jesse Langseth, didn't make it. However, I'm mostly rooting for Adam Lambert and Daniel Gokey.

But anyway, tonight was just a mockery of what this show used to be. I love/hated Tatiana Del Toro's act. I laughed off the couch when she donned a new fake Spanish accent and made a tearful, grand melodramatic exit. Granted she was a really good singer, but completely psycho. I'm glad she didn't make it, but I would have preferred her to AWFUL Meagan Corkrey. She was such a bad singer and her dancing was just silly and ridiculous. It was so obvious that she made it because Simon has a crush on her. I really hope she gets booted off next week. Blech!

Boo American Idol, BOO!

Jesse Langseth
Adam Lambert
Daniel Gokey