Monday, March 23, 2009

A Payne-ful Weekend

We had a great weekend. Sean's family came to visit on Friday and Saturday. We've been looking forward to having them visit for a while, especially since Sean had not seen his folks for over 2 years. Friday night, we all squeezed into our tiny house and I made dinner. William loved it. He had his Uncle Evan (12 years old) to play with. He made a new best friend. It was particularly challenging for me to put out a spread because I'm due for surgery in a week and my doctor has me on a crazy Slim Fast/0 calorie liquid diet for 2 weeks. It was the hardest thing I've ever done to cook dinner for everyone and not be able to eat anything but a nasty Slim Fast shake and water for dessert. That was until we went out on Saturday to tour Sean's ship and a Naval Museum. After that, we went to Ci Ci's Pizza Buffet. I can't believe I got through the day with out going completely crazy. Hunger aside, it was a great weekend and we hope to see the Paynes again.

Payne Family
Hampton Roads Naval Museum
Ooh La La!
William and Grandma Payne
Sean got a fake mustache from the gumball machine
Who is that 'stached stranger?


Lacey Lu said...

Glad that your weekend went so well!! You are awesome!! ...Hang in there. William is still just as cute as ever!!

Keep Smilin'!! Life's Gr8!! ;-)

Delee said...

Your surgery is in a week!!! Good Luck!!!

linell said...

The mustache looks like a black comb, especially on William. Good for you on the slim fast. It's all about the will-power. I'll drink slim fast with you, (most of the time) See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megann Wilkerson said...

I LOVE the milk chocolate slimfast drinks!!!! It's like having a chocolate milkshake for breakfast. Then, just to keep things on the same page, I make sure I have an actual milkshake for lunch and/or dinner. The concept of "slimfast" is lost on me. It's all about the chocolate!

Dial Family said...

what a fun weekend.. we had in laws as well, but your weekend seems far better off than ours, just a different kind of fun..

Krista said...

I know starving sucks!! But keep it mind that if you follow the rules things will work out much better! Good luck with it all!

Dial Family said...

Got your homemade package today!! LOVE IT!! Check out my blog!! I took a pix!! :) You are the best!! Thanks SO MUCH!! XOXO

Sara said...

Slim Fast is the pits! It sounds like you had a fun, but torturous weekend. Good luck with the surgery!!!