Friday, July 18, 2008

Lil' Buddies

William loves to play with his friend, Jaxson. Here are a few pictures of the two of them having a water play date.

Fun on the watermat
William is such a cheese!
William making friends with Hunter the Cat.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I found out about this great playgroup called Lil' Learners. There are about 20 members but you pick and choose what activities you want to go to. No pressure! Also, they do a craft and read a story and other learning activities. Here is the first group I attended. We were supposed to go to the Botanical Gardens butterfly attraction but we were rained out so we met at the mall playground and grouped the food court tables together and read 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and made caterpillars out of socks and batting. William was not interested in the craft at all and was too distracted by all the playground stuff to listen to the story. Oh well, he got to make new friends. Isn't that what playgroup is for?

That's me at the far end of the table on the left.
Cute caterpillars.
How can you sit for a craft when there is a race car nearby?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

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We had another barbecue for Independence Day. Sean and I invited the Saburns because her husband works with Sean and had duty that day. We also invited the Millers because they were new in the ward, also a Navy family and didn't have plans for the 4th. We all had a great time. Later, we went to the Naval hospital to watch the big fireworks show on the river. After waiting 15 minutes past the scheduled time and still no fireworks, we packed up to go home. What a burn. Thankfully, we were already in our car when a giant thunderstorm and downpour hit. Maybe we'll see those fireworks next year.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our First Barbecue

I guess out here they call them 'cookouts' but either way, we had the Candland's over to eat meat cooked outside. I think it went alright. I wish we would have had a completed fence, a mowed lawn, less flies, and air conditioning. We're working on that for the next time. Other than minor snafus, was fun. Brats, burgers, and bouncing on a trampoline, what's not to love?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Christmas We Missed

Like I've said, being in the military definitely has its perks. Last week we were invited to a USO sponsored party at Ocean Breeze Waterpark. It was a Christmas party for all military families who had a spouse deployed during the holidays. There was a barbecue, visit from Santa, and gifts for all. We got two DVD's and a beach ball. The best part was that it was all FREE!I was busy sliding and watching William in the pool that I didn't get any good pictures of the park itself. I downloaded this one off the website.

William wasn't too sure about Santa. I think it was the fur suit in the summer that threw him.

Big Ole' Barbecue

Waiting in line for the FREE grub.

Here we are with one of the sponsors, the GEICO Gecko.

We had a lot of fun with the waterslides and the live band and the food. It was a great party. We are so going back to Ocean Breeze this summer.