Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

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We had another barbecue for Independence Day. Sean and I invited the Saburns because her husband works with Sean and had duty that day. We also invited the Millers because they were new in the ward, also a Navy family and didn't have plans for the 4th. We all had a great time. Later, we went to the Naval hospital to watch the big fireworks show on the river. After waiting 15 minutes past the scheduled time and still no fireworks, we packed up to go home. What a burn. Thankfully, we were already in our car when a giant thunderstorm and downpour hit. Maybe we'll see those fireworks next year.


Robyn/Lauren said...

You got so burned! I hope someday you get your fireworks show!

Sara said...

We were so tired on the fourth, that we just went to bed instead of seeing fireworks. (Do we sound like old cronies or what?!?!) It is kind of a bummer, but even the kids were completely worn out, so it would have been a nightmare. Oh well. There's always next year...and the year after that...etc.

Can I just say how adorable William is! He and Ryan looked so cute in that wheelbarrow. How fun to have a cousin your age that you live semi-close to. I'm envious! :)