Thursday, March 5, 2009

What is American Idol Doing to Me?!

How does this show do it?! It's just a dumb singing competition and yet tonight I was yelling at my TV like a crazy woman. First of all, I'm disappointed that my favorite girl, Jesse Langseth, didn't make it. However, I'm mostly rooting for Adam Lambert and Daniel Gokey.

But anyway, tonight was just a mockery of what this show used to be. I love/hated Tatiana Del Toro's act. I laughed off the couch when she donned a new fake Spanish accent and made a tearful, grand melodramatic exit. Granted she was a really good singer, but completely psycho. I'm glad she didn't make it, but I would have preferred her to AWFUL Meagan Corkrey. She was such a bad singer and her dancing was just silly and ridiculous. It was so obvious that she made it because Simon has a crush on her. I really hope she gets booted off next week. Blech!

Boo American Idol, BOO!

Jesse Langseth
Adam Lambert
Daniel Gokey


Amy said...

I'm not a dedicated American Idol fan by any means, but I did see Meagan sing last night and I kinda dig her.

carmen said...

I'm not a fan of AI, but I wanted to say HI to another are blogger!

The Fry Family said...

I haven't watch AI since Fantasia won and totally pissed me off. I am a fan of the winners though when they make it big and I hear their music on the radio. Hope you're doing well. I've been thinking of you a lot lately. There are so many happy memories I have where you're involved. This week I've been thinking of our lunch dates and how fun our drama class was. I miss the good old days of being "queen of the nerds!"

Dial Family said...

Ok Heidi, I'm totally on board with you on this one!! I havent been up to date so much besides the last season and now getting sucked into this one... I was laughing so hard when Tatiana Del (whatever) got booted and then proceeded to laugh as Simon is mocking her melo drama scene.. She SOO needed to go (although, your right, she had a pretty good voice, but how can we really tell when she IS singing the same stupid song over and over again..) It's like that chinese guy coming on in the wierd white elvis outfit singing to simon last (or the previous season), "You are my brother.. blah blah blah blah.." (That WAAS pretty funny though..). Anyhow. We'll see how the season comes along.. (Nate isn't watching it this year, he's getting sick of reality tv; dont blame him in some parts), so I'm glad I can share this with someone else.. :)

Sara said...

I totally agree about Megan. I mean, the girl is "unique" alright, but she CANNOT SING!!! I just about died last week when Simon told her she did a great job with her KT Tunstall song. It was horrible!!!