Thursday, April 16, 2009


Forgive the cliche title but I haven't posted for a while and there was a lot of Easter stuff that went on.

Primary Easter Party
Decorating bags for collecting eggs.

Grandma had to shoo away the other kids while William found the egg in the bush.

Some of the eggs were hidden pretty hard.

Playgroup Easter Party

William was upset that I had to go back for my camera so he laid down on the basketball court until I came back. What a turkey!

The eggs were dumped (not hidden!) and a lot of them popped open and spilled the candy. The kids picked up the whole eggs in a matter of minutes. I was a little disappointed.

The Play Doh was was the big hit with William. He didn't care about the Easter treats.

Easter Sunday

There wasn't a lot of grass to hide eggs in.

Eggs everywhere!

He kept wanting to get 'inside' his basket.

It was a fun week. I'm glad my mom was here to help out. Now I'm stuck with the post-Easter clean up!


Emily said...

Hey-you just commented on my blog and I was already going to comment on YOUR blog. So I'm NOT just commenting because you just did (okay-sometimes I do that, but not this time).

Williams Easter outfit is darling. I love Easter because I get to see boys in pastels, and I love it. I'm jealous of the egg hunts you got to do. I didn't do any this year because the ward didn't have one and the city's one was cancelled because of rain. Darling pictures as always.

Delee said...

William is so cute! I can't believe how big he's getting. How was your surgery???? I hope you're doing well!

Dial Family said...

What a fun filled week for you guys! It's always nice to have MOM there isn't it? Makes life so much more fun and tons easier with the grandkiddies. Heidi, your "little" man is getting SO BIG!! He's not sucha "little man" anymore. Whatta stud he is. How are you feeling by the way? Hope everything is going well...

Krista said...

Yea, the dumped egg hunts aren't as eggciting, but what can we do? That's how the girls were for school. But they loved getting eggs at all the hunts, then played with them for days afterwards. Then the eggs just kept getting left on the floor, so when I'd find one, I'd chuck it. So sick of looking at plastic eggs. hehehe