Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cute Thanksgiving Kid Craft

Just came back from another fabulous playgroup activity. I had to share with you this craft.

  1. Paint your kid's palm and thumb with brown fabric paint.
  2. Paint the other fingers fall colors.
  3. Press the hand onto a dishtowel. (You may need to do some touch-up with a paintbrush!)
  4. Add a beak, waddle, legs, and feet with fabric paint and brush.
  5. Write a sentiment or name and date with a fabric paint pens.

This was somewhat tricky with a 2 year old but so worth it! What grandma could resist a couple of turkey towels?!

(By the way, the big turkey hand was mine. William was DONE after two imprints!)


Krista said...

Very Cute!

The Barrow's said...

That is such a cute idea!! You, your mom and sister are so crafty.

Lacey Lu & Daniel Too! said...

CUTE!!...Can't wait til we have kiddos to do that with!! ;-) Keep Smiling! Life's Gr8!! See ya sunday!!

Robyn/Lauren said...

Seriously--so cute!

Dial Family said...

How fun is that and so creative!! YOu guys have the best playgroups ever!! (Wish they had those around here; people tend to be so clickish thus making it hard really to get into anything). SO FUN!! I just might have to do it by myself with my own kids; won't they all be so jealous..

The Fry Family said...

I love all your playgroup activities! I wish I was that creative, but at least I can steal your awesome ideas!