Saturday, August 25, 2007

Robyn's Visit

Last Monday afternoon I was talking to Robyn on the phone, telling her that I missed Sean while he was on his ship, and the next thing I know, I was getting ready for my first overnight house guests. I was so excited to see Robyn and her kids that I didn't consider how small my house was and how difficult it was going to be to accommodate 4 extra people. Also, to add to the fun, Sean called and said he was coming home early and would get to stay at home. And, I still had unpacked boxes in the craft room and office. Yikes! I went into cleaning frenzy mode. Trying to organize for house guests when you don't have enough room for the stuff you have already was quite a chore. I was up until 3am the next two nights getting ready.
Fortunately, everything was great once Robyn got here. I quit obsessing about the size of my house and just had fun with my family. It was nice to have another adult to talk to and the girls and Ryan were great with William.

The beach was fun. The girls loved getting knocked around by huge waves. William was so scared. He clung to me the whole time I was standing in the waves. Poor guy. Good thing he didn't mind sitting in his inflatable boat on the sand. He just chilled out there the whole time with his ba-ba. I love that I live only 20 minutes from the ocean!

The next day we went to the Children's Museum of Virginia. This place is so great. There were so many exhibits for kids and even a baby zone with tons of foam climbing blocks and toys. It was so funny watching the babies discover complete independence. William made tons of friends by toddling up to other kids and "petting" them. One of the little girls gave him a hug and her parents took a picture of it. My favorite was when William and Ryan figured out how to climb the baby slide and then let go and slide back down. They must have done this 20 times over. So cute!

It was very sad when the Candlands had to pack up and leave. I promised we'll see each other soon. Probably in September when Grandma comes. Definitely in October to go to Busch Gardens. Can't wait until then!

*side note: William hit his head on the coffee table the day before so that's where he got the bruise on his eye. Poor little guy!

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