Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fun at City Park

It's so great when we can all be home at the same time. Sean, William and I take walks in the afternoon to get some exercise and to be together even just for a little while. We live about a quarter of a mile from City Park which is right on the Elizabeth River and has 2 big playgrounds, a train that runs on weekends, a snack bar, walking gardens, volleyball courts, and a 9 hole golf course. So fun!

William loves the swings. Whether on the baby swings or having us hold him on the big swings, he loves it. He laughs so hard when Sean pushes him and and pretends to have William kicks him in the face.

He also love to hold on to the monkey bars and attempt pull ups. I wish Sean wouldn't encourage him so much to hang on things like a monkey because he does it at home. I am always catching him climbing up on chairs, tables, and even the oven handle (yikes!).


Sara said...

Hi Heidi
That park looks like so much fun!! Todd and I enjoyed looking at your blog and seeing what is happening with you guys. I can't believe that little William is already 1-year old! He is darling. We can't wait to see more posts. Take care.
~Todd and Sara

Jeremy & Becky said...

I love this blog! it is nice to see you guys! Get a tripod so you ALL can get in the photo!