Monday, March 1, 2010

My Glory Days

I just got these clips from my aunt Kelly. I miss those days when our stake would put on huge musical productions. We had some very talented people involved. I know from the clips it seems that I'm the star, but it was my aunt's video taping of just my scenes. My best friend Melissa was the lead and I played her best friend in the show. Also, Sean had a part in the show as well. I can't point him out because all the guys had fake beards on. He may be the one in part one standing behind me during my solo! It was good times. I was seventeen, a senior in high school, and completely carefree. This brings back some great memories. Thanks, Kelly!


Emily said...

Wow! Impressive. Kind of puts our 10 Virgins production to shame-at least we had you and Delee for it.

Melissa said...

IN Tucson we had a Stake musical of Pirates of Penzance. However, I think the days of Stake Musicals are dwindling. Its so much work and there aren't too many "Sister Engles" around.
I have a lot of great memories from Joshua- you were great in it. Thanks for posting this. Your aunt is so cool to highlight you in these clips.
Thanks for posting the hardest part for me: "How did you..?" "I mean...", "Joshua doesn't..." and then cutting out just as MY glory moment was beginning! j/k

Now that I think about it. That was SO weird that I was singing/acting with a older married man. Weird. Steve thinks it is so weird too. I just wasn't meant for the stage, like you.