Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's Bowl!!

Last week my sister-in-law came over with her 3 girls to spend the day. William had been looking forward to it for days. He gets along really well with his cousins and it's fun to watch them play together. Since we don't have an awesome Children's Museum nearby, we decided to try bowling with the kids. They loved it!! It was so cute to watch them cheer each other on. "Go, William, Go!" "I got one, mom!" and "Yay!!" were commonly heard phrases that day. William even told me that when I cheer for him, it makes the ball go straighter down the lane. So precious! I think we might have found a new family night activity. Good thing too, because movies are expensive!


The Rose Family said...

looks like fun. How's the pregnancy going? Hope you aren't too sick.

Sara said...

My boys love to bowl too. It is a fun family activity for sure.

The Barrow's said...

That is too cute. That your cheering makes him a better bowler. He is a doll.