Friday, February 22, 2008

Ward Chili Cook Off and Auction

Tonight was the Portsmouth ward's chili cook off. I made a big crock of chili from the Bear Creek 'Darn Good Chili' mix. I added some stuff like hamburger, cayenne pepper, tomatoes. peppers, etc. I also decided to bring some corn bread because it was a pot luck and I knew they needed food. I also don't like anyone else's cornbread except my momma's recipe. How can you not love cornbread when it's made with a stick of butter melted into the bottom?! With much balance, coaxing, and sheer luck, I got William, chili, and cornbread all in the car without a spill. I had to get out the stroller to get everything in the church in one trip. It was a huge turn out. I was impressed. Unfortunately, I didn't win, but my friends Timille and Delee did. I sat next to the Nursery leader and she was more than happy to hold William while I ate some award winning chili.
After the judging, there was a baked goods auction. People from the ward baked goodies and they were auctioned off to the highest bidder to raise money for Girl's Camp. It was a lot of fun and some treats went for $60 or more!! Four of us pooled our money and bid on a chocolate eclair cake for $30. It was so good! Totally worth it! William ran around with the other kids. At first, I thought, "I can't let him run around wild." But later, it was so nice just to relax and not have a squirmy toddler fussing on my lap. I'm sure he loved the freedom. I could hear his little shrieks once in a while while people were clapping. I'm sure he was charming whoever was nearby.
Now I'm home and very tired, with a sink full of chili making mess. I better get busy. Where's the TUMS?

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Anne said...

Dear Heidi!
What a nice surprise to see your comment on my blog...As you can tell, my blog has very limited appeal (like... just family)...but you're FAMILY!..Maybe I'll make it a bit more interesting and dig up some of the ole Heidi and Melissa photos (Oh NO!) I REALLY enjoyed your blogs about the time Sean left. They were really emotional and very well written..and I learned a lot, having not an ounce of connection to the military life.

Love to you!
Sis. House...Mrs. House...
maybe I'm just 'Anne' now.