Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Furniture

After years of waiting and saving up, I finally got to go furniture shopping. I needed to scale down in the front room so I sold the coffee table on and I'm going to give the loveseat to a new family in our ward who have very little. I was sad to see the coffee table go. It really was a nice piece that matched the side table console but it was just too big for our tiny room and a rectangle works much better. Unfortunately, the new table looked smaller in the showroom and measuring it didn't help. It is still taking up a lot of room. Oh, well. It's nice, it's new and it's mine.
The chairs were a great find and a great deal. I couldn't wait to have them delivered. When they came, the boneheads that delivered them couldn't figure out how to put the legs on the chairs and they put them on wrong. When they figured it out, they tried to unscrew them but chipped the wood on one of the chair's legs and broke a leg on the other. So I have bought a bunch of junk. I was so mad. I had to call to have someone come and put new legs on my chairs. I have yet to hear back. Darn it! I thought it would be an easy process, but not so. My next big purchase will be a bed. I hope it won't be as stressful as this time.


Sara said...

how unbelievably frustrating! Argh! I hope that they do come to fix the legs and can't wait to see pictures. I love new furniture! :)

Melissa said...

You should ask Rachel to tell you the story about when they were having their leather couches delivered and Chad caught them coloring in some scratches with a sharpie marker.