Tuesday, February 19, 2008

San Jacinto Kids Halfway Day Party

Happy Halfway Day! Sean is halfway done with his tour. It's all downhill from here. Or so I'm told. I don't know if it gets easier or not. It's pretty much the same. On Saturday, there was a party for the kids to celebrate their patience in waiting for their dads to come home. We went to a bowling alley and had some pizza, chicken fingers, fries, soda, and chocolate cake. Kid heaven! I, on the other hand, spent the whole time chasing William to prevent him from going after the bowling balls down the lanes. I gave up after an hour and a half and strapped him to the stroller. Then I could actually socialize with the other moms.
After the party, a bunch of us went over to my friend, Beth's house to paint on the walls. Her family was moved to another house and this one was scheduled to be demolished. So Beth bought a few gallons of paint and told the kids to go nuts. It was one big, colorful, sloppy, mess! William made his marks on a few walls. I dipped his hands and feet in the paint and he made prints all over. Then, with a brush in each hand, he went to town! When we left, he was covered with paint. It took an hour in the tub to scrub him clean. Totally worth it. What a day!


Robyn/Lauren said...

I'm sure Sean is just as excited that it's Halfway-Day as you and William!

Sara said...

How fun is that! Bowling, chocolate cake AND getting to go crazy with paint!?!? I can't imagine a party that could top it! :)

KrishasKrew said...

WOW! You are just amazing Heidi, and having fun too!! How is Sean?! Have you heard anything recently!!
Love Williams pictues!!

Melissa said...

Dang, that sounds like fun with the paint.