Monday, February 25, 2008

Halfway Day Dinner

This last Saturday was the Halfway Day dinner for the adults. We went to a nice restaurant and just had fun chatting with each other. I got some pointers about Navy life from other women who have been in for years and years. I liked getting to know the other wives. I really like the fact that Sean's ship is small so we have a small, tight-knit group of women. We had a little ceremony where we were each presented a letter of gratitude from the CO, Captain Sharpe. Thank goodness Sean's deployment halfway over. I'm done with this single parent scene!


The Barrow's said...

How fun to have a night out with the girls, and get a little break. I am excited to hear that Sean is comming home soon. Glad to see that all is well.

Sean said...

I'm also glad that deployment is halfway over. I'm done with this single sailor scene.

Melissa said...

I like your bangs. Your hair looks so cute.