Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Another month, another list:

Easter is coming!  The chocolate from Valentines Day is gone and the Cadbury's and chocolate bunnies step in just in time to fill the gap.  Oh, speaking of Cadbury's, I LOVE the Cadbury Bunny commercial with the animals trying to go "bok bok bok."  My favorite is the cat going "Bok-meow! Bok-meow!"  It still makes me laugh after all these years.

Spring is official!  At the end of this month it's officially springtime.  I LOVE the spring!  After months of cold and snow and dry air, it's finally warm enough to go to the park, ride bikes and other outdoor stuff.  

Fresh air!  We can finally open the windows and let out the stuffy heater air we've been breathing all winter.

The relentless TEASING from the weather.  Two days of 60 degree weather then a week of 40 degrees and rain.  Just get here, Spring, already!

A whole month without a federal holiday.  I know, most people don't get days off for MLK, Presidents, Columbus, etc.  But when you've been getting them off for years, they become something you really look forward to.

My favorite shows go back to reruns.  Boo empty DVR!

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The Rose Family said...

Hey Heidi-- GUESS WHAT?? We stashed Ru's present from William in her closet waiting for Christmas to come and then FORGOT it! So when we found it yesterday, she was THRILLED! She's been wacking moles all day! Thanks so much! Also-- are you still using the breast pump? If not, I have a friend here that is having a baby in the summer and could probably use it. Just wondering. Thanks!