Friday, March 11, 2011

Butterfly Chandelier

Pottery Barn
Here's my latest Pottery-Barn-Knock-Off craft.  I saw this butterfly chandelier in PB Kids while in Annapolis and coveted it right away.  Upon a closer look I saw that it was just paper butterflies strung onto fishing line.  How easy is that?!  Well, I got all excited and got to work.  It didn't take that long (thank you Cricut. . . . .again!) and I LOVE it.  Of course I added a few extra touches like ribbon and making the butterflies different shades of pink, and I need to trim it.  Although, I kind of like the free flowing "mass of butterflies" look.  Now, I just need to put a hook in the ceiling to hang it up.

My Version

Close Up


Melissa said...


Sean said...

Nice Shanda.

ME said...

I cannot believe how cute that is Heidi!!! I want one for Ava's room...but I know I'm not crafty. At all. So sad I don't still live in PA so I could pay you to make me one :)