Sunday, June 6, 2010

NAVICP Field Day

Sean's work had a company picnic of sorts and it was a hoot.  I have a feeling that kids were not invited because William was the only one there, but no one seemed to mind and he was very well behaved.  There was a barbeque and awards ceremony and a stick horse decorating contest.  The event was cowboy themed so the silly relay races had western names like:

Here Comes the Cavalry! (5 person team galloping while straddling the same board)

Hog Tied Relay (3-legged race)

Saddle Sore Race (popping water balloons with your buns)

The Drought is Over (race to fill a bucket with water by using a soaked sponge)

We had a great time even though Sean's section team didn't win any of the races.  That's okay because it was still fun to watch.

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Melissa said...

Good thing Sean impregnanted you before "Here Comes the Calvary!".