Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Queen

I get so excited when September rolls around. The weather gets cooler, apples are in season, and lots of store clearance sales. But the most exciting part about this time of year is decorating for Halloween. I showed a little restraint and waited until the middle of September to bust out the cobwebs (or 'cowb-webs' as my dad pronounces it), pumpkins, and fall scented candles. The longer I get to enjoy my favorite decorations, the better. I also decided not to put up my pride and joy, my Dept. 56 Halloween village. Because we're moving soon, it just would have been more of a hassle so I'll have to go nuts next year.

TV console (I didn't notice the fingerprints on the TV until I uploaded this photo!)

Halloween garland

Entrance to the kitchen

Entry vignette

Inside the front door

Front room wall

Side table

Dining Room (complete with wainscoting!)

Dining room table close up

Piano top

Spooky, spidery candlesticks

Piano top decor close up

And in honor of Halloween, I'm including the lyrics to my favorite Halloween song, "Halloween Queen."

Who will be the Halloween Queen?
Last year it was a cat.
The ghost was it the year be - fo - ore that!
What shall we do?!
(What shall we do?!)

Will it be a Jack O' Lantern?
Will it be a goblin?
Will it be a ske - - - le - ton?
What shall we do?!
(What shall we do?!)

The wicked wi-itch is so keen
So she will be the Halloween Queen.
What shall we do?!
(What shall we do?!)

What shall we do?!
(What shall we do?!)

Music and lyrics by Robyn (age 7) and Heidi (age 5)


Megann Wilkerson said...

When I hear the word 'Halloween' I immediately think of you, Heidi! Thanks for giving me such good holiday memories :)

PeggyB said...

Cute, cute, cute...I am IMPRESSED!

Robyn/Lauren said...

Halloween Queen has been passed to the next generation. Lauren and Natalie can almost do the whole song by heart. I need to start quizzing them for this Halloween season.

ean said...


You are the Halloween Queen.

Melissa said...

Loving it!!!! Wow, you are amazing. Fall is the best decorating season isn't it?

Melissa said...

So is this in your new house?