Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lil' Helper

When my mom came out to visit, she took one look at my backyard and said it was time to, "stop the madness." There were oak leaves everywhere and seed pods and acorn caps all over the yard. So I bought some flowers, extra work gloves, and another garden rake and we got to work out there. I was afraid William would be a distraction. I don't have a fence and even though our streets are not busy, cars still race down them. I didn't want William running out in the street while I was not looking. Fortunately I didn't have to worry about that. He was too interested in what we were doing. He saw my mom and I raking leaves so he picked up a large stick and stirred up the leaves around in attempt to rake them up like the grown ups. Then he saw us picking up large piles and dumping the leaves into a trash bag. William wanted to help with this too, so he would pick up a few leaves or whatever he could hold in his small hands and reach up and drop them in the bag. Then we took him for a ride in the wheelbarrow. I remember my dad taking me for rides in the wheelbarrow after a day of yard work. What a big boy, helping out with the yard work.

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Sara said...

How fun to spend some time with your mom. Also, how nice that she is able to come out so often! It looks like you guys had lot of fun. When is Sean coming home? I'm thinking it's fairly soon, but I could be wrong. No matter how soon it is though, I'm sure it's not soon enough!!