Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

What a night! I love Halloween but I have to say I'm glad it's over. The day went smoothly. I went grocery shopping, made caramel corn, made cards for the neighbors, and even had time to shower and spruce up. Then I dressed William in his Batman costume and we were off to the San Jac to have dinner with Sean (he was stuck with ship duty today). My plans were to have dinner with Sean, stop at the mall to trick or treat, go deliver caramel corn to the neighbors, then go home and put William to bed and hand out candy to trick or treaters the rest of the night. My plans had to change because I heard that our city had a curfew tonight. No one was allowed to trick or treat after 8pm. What?! Gone are the days of freedom when you can no longer roam from house to house and beg for treats to your heart's content. I mean really, do we actually need someone to tell us when to turn our lights out? Anyway, we had a ton of candy in a large cheap cauldron and I couldn't wait to give it out so I nixed the mall and decided to head home. Oh man, the traffic! It was gridlock for an hour! It normally doesn't bother me except I had a curfew tonight, I needed to deliver the treats I had made, and I didn't want to miss handing out the candy. It was after 7 when I finally got home! I ran in the house, grabbed the caramel corn, grabbed William and his treat bucket, and ran throughout the neighborhood. Little did I know that I would be going as Really Sweaty Girl for Halloween. William could have cared less (and was getting tired) so I only went to the 6 houses closest to ours and booked it home to turn on the porch light and let the candy distributing begin. It wasn't long after I set William down and wiped the sweat from my brow when someone knocked on the door. Yay! Unfortunately, as I grabbed the cheap cauldron by handle, it broke and all the candy scattered across the wood floor in front of the door. I still had some left in the bucket so I opened the door and handed it out. While my back was turned, my little turkey of a Batman had helped himself to the foil wrapped chocolate and got it all over his face, hands, and costume! Oh what a mess! I was trying to take the chocolate from him as he helped himself to another from the floor, then the knocks on the door. I resumed my persona as Really Sweaty Girl as I threw candy by the handfuls at these kids so I could deal with William. Needless to say, he wasn't too happy about having the chocolate (and foil) extracted from his mouth. I was able to clean up the candy mess and the William mess before the next bunch of kids came around. But every time I would turn my back to answer the door, William would find more candy that had rolled under the couch, coffee table, or somewhere I had missed. Darn this single parenting! The worst part is that I wanted to capture the memory of William covered in chocolate, holding his treat bucket and I couldn't find my camera! After searching for a good 15 minutes, I gave up and gave William a bath and I just got him to bed and now I have some relax time. Hopefully I was descriptive enough to get away with not having pictures. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Happy Halloween!


Sara said...

Heidi, your night sounds like one to remember! :) I loved reading about it.

Robyn said...

Oh yeah! I love dressing as Really Sweaty Girl! I can never just wait for Halloween though, I do that all year round!