Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween on the San Jac

Last Saturday was the Halloween party on Sean's ship. Several sections of the ship were decorated for trick or treaters. We had a walled off section of the mess deck called the 1st class mess to decorate. We unscrewed the lights and made it dark and lit some spooky pumpkins and hung spiderwebs and shredded black trash bags. I had a large cauldron of candy to hand out. It was pretty good considering the lack of materials we had and little time to set it up. Out in the mess (right outside the door to our trick or treat room) there were kids activities like coloring and Halloween Bingo and a costume contest. It was a shame that William was a little too young to participate. But that didn't stop us from dressing up. William was Batman, I was a witch , and Sean was supposed to be Zorro but he forgot his mask so he was just guy in a cape.
Just as the party was starting, a construction crew came in and started working on the ship, right in front of our trick or treat room! There was no way anyone could come and even see the hard work we put into our room. What a shame! They moved the party to another part of the ship and Sean and I took off with William to go to lunch. We were still in costumes but we didn't get as many weird stares as you would think. Then we went back to the ship and Sean cleaned up the room then we went home. Oh well, at least we had fun doing it and got to dress up.

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