Monday, February 14, 2011

Whooo Loves Valentine's Day?

Not too long ago, I thought it was ridiculous that owls were making a comeback.  They remind me of really tacky macrame owls from the 70's (yuck!). 

But I see them everywhere now.   It's like geese were in the 80's, and insects (bees, dragonflies, butterflies) were in the 90's.  I have to admit, now owls are cute.  Not just cute, but really fun to make.  I decided to make owl themed valentines for William's class.  Here's how I did it.

I used the following punches:

large circle
medium circle
small hole
large flower
small flower

 First I cut out an oval shape for the body.
Then I used my large circle punch to shape the ear tufts.
 I used my medium circle punch for the eyes and a small hole punch for the eyeballs.
 Cut out a small triangle for the beak.
 Then I used my same large circle punch to make the wings.  I glue them to the sides and trim the edges.
A large flower punch (matching the wings) glued from the back to make the tail feathers.
 I used a small flower punch cut in half for the claws.

I put this little guy on a card and added a little message "Whooo thinks you're cool?"  and inside the card it said, "I do!  Happy Valentine's Day!  From William"

I have made a ton of these little guys and I love them!  Too bad Valentine's day is done and I don't have an excuse to make more.  Maybe we'll have "Easter Owls" . . . maybe not!


The Rose Family said...

So cute! I wish there was a decent craft store here-- now that I actually have time to do stuff! Your little girls looks EXACTLY like you, BTW. So cute!

Robyn said...

you are professional grade!

The Fry Family said...

LOVE these! Since you love them so much and want to make more I'll pay you to make them for my kids! Hey, I'm a planner. I don't mind buying Valentine's in March for next year! I'd make them myself, but I don't have punches. So stinking cute!