Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love the beginning of this month.  It's full of hearts, pink, red, love, and flowers.  Very girlie, and a huge opportunity for crafters to go crazy.  

Homemade Valentines.  I love to make valentines.  I'm a big fan of homemade cards.  I also love to see heart shaped doilies in the stores.  Oh, the possibilities!
CHOCOLATE!!  Enough said.

Presidents' Day.  I know it's practically a phony holiday and an excuse for government workers to take the day off and for businesses to use the images of Washington and Lincoln to sell cars and mattresses, but I love that for a brief moment, we remember two of my favorite historical figures.

I'm so tired of getting static shocked!  I can't seem to avoid it.  It also seems to get worse.  I got shocked today and almost teared up it hurt so bad.  Bring on the humidity!

Snow days.  I used to think they were the greatest but now, I'm running out of things for William to do while he's stuck at home.  He watches way too much TV on snow days and I feel like a bad mom for letting him just to get him out of my hair.  It will be great when Charlotte is old enough to play with him.

Crappy movie season.  This is the time when the movie theaters are packed with really bad movies. Producers knew these movies couldn't compete with the holiday blockbusters so they trot them out after the first of the year.  This makes for some bad movie dates.

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Robyn said...

the red heart doillie looks like it has two eyes and is screaming! what kind of freaky valentines do you make?