Thursday, January 20, 2011


My sister did this cool thing with her blog where she lists everything she loves (and hates) about each month.  I wanted to do this (after all these years I'm STILL copying my sister!!) but needed to start in January.  Now that it's almost over I figure I better get on the ball and post so I don't have to wait another year.  So here goes:



Clearance sales!  This is the BEST time to use those gift cards from Christmas.  I love going children's clothes shopping because you can buy the winter clothes for next year at $1.99 a top (Crazy 8 & Children's Place Outlet).

Network TV comes back.  The DVR gets a little thin during the Christmas season.  I like having new shows to look forward to.  Shows I watch:  Law & Order (LA & SVU), NCIS, Modern Family, House, The Office, and 30 Rock.

My anniversary
We celebrated 7 great years on the 16th.  The last few years, we've either have been separated by deployments, hired a crazy sitter that told us to come home early, or had been too poor/lazy to go out.  This year we actually went on a fabulous date to Roundtop Ski Resort. 


I get really sick of snow by the end of this month.  At Christmastime it's charming, by the end of January, it's a pain in the rear!

Dry, dry, dry, skin!  My fingernails chip and I have to put lotion on my hands at least 5 times a day to keep from turning into a reptile.


Megann said...

Ooh, I love this!!! I might steal this idea from you :) I like that it helps you realize how much life has to offer......

Sean said...

You are a good-looking snow bunny.