Friday, December 10, 2010

Sean's a Lieutenant!

Sean had his promotion to lieutenant ceremony.  I'm glad I got to be there.  I almost didn't make it.  First of all, I still can't get the timing of getting 2 kids ready for an outing.  William slept in and I couldn't get him out of bed.  I had to dress him like a baby and didn't get to do his hair.  I also didn't have a cute outfit picked out for Charlotte so that took a while going through clothes.  I planned on being there at 8:50am (ceremony starts at 9am), but didn't get out of the door with my kids in tow until 8:55am.  Then, it just happened to be the wettest day of the year.  Pouring rain!  Good thing I curled my hair so it could be soaked while packing kids in the car!  Then, at the base, I couldn't find a parking spot.  I didn't know that they had a spot waiting for me and my cell phone was dead so no one could get a hold of me.  I didn't get into the building until 9:10.  When I walked into the conference room, there were about 30 people standing there, staring and silent.  Awkward!  The captain who was to swear Sean in had left and someone had to go after him to bring him back.  I just wanted to crawl under a rock, I was so embarrassed!  The ceremony was sweet.  William got to hold the Bible and I got to pin Sean's bars on him.  It could have been a nice day, but I was too humiliated to enjoy it.

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