Friday, July 9, 2010

Postponing Our Independence Day Post

I can't post our awesome 4th of July weekend just yet.  Our lazy laptop (which gets only about 10 minutes battery life!) has pooped out and we had to order a new power cord for it.  It should be here by next week.  Oh, and it pooped just as I finished uploading all of my pictures (200+) and erasing them from my camera so no uploading them to the desktop.  More posts to come like:

Family Camp Out
Independence Day Extravaganza
Dress Like a Cow for Free Chick-Fil--A Food
Sean's Wetting Down ("Wetting Down" is a traditional Navy party you throw when you go up in rank.  He'll be a full Lieutenant)


Todd said...

I haven't been blogging either for a while because we couldn't find our cord for the camera! I loved looking through all your posts. I have to agree, Kristen did look totally gorgeous in her gown...Mark looked pretty handsome too! :)

Todd said...

Oh probably already figured this out, but this is actually Sara leaving the comments, not Todd.