Sunday, May 16, 2010

Armed Forces Day

I think the best part about living in the East (at least in the areas we've lived) is the overwhelming support for the military. If we are out and Sean is wearing one of his Navy shirts or his uniform, often we will have strangers come up and thank him for his service. It makes him shy, but I love it. I am so proud to have a husband who serves his country (and the way he looks in uniform doesn't hurt either!).

Yesterday was Armed Forces Day, a day I never knew existed while living in California. There was a big festival at City Island in Harrisburg. All the military branches were there with their coolest equipment. The public was free to go inside giant helicopters, climb inside armored tanks, check out the robot drones in action, and sit in the driver's seat of an Army Hum-V. It was little boy heaven. We all had a great time.
City Park Train
On top of a tank
Driving a Hum-V
Drone Robot (Johnny 5)
Piloting a helicopter
Happy Armed Forces Day!
My sunglasses boys

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