Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's the New Me!

Okay, I know most of you have already seen the 'new me' but I am still getting requests for pictures of just me. Since I'm always the one behind the camera, it was hard to find a decent one to show my weight loss progress. I finally got someone to take pictures of me while I posed for the camera. Here's a little time line of the last 7 months.

March (2 weeks before surgery)
April (2 weeks after surgery)
May (-30 lbs)
July (-60 lbs)

August (-75 lbs)
September (-80 lbs)November (-100 lbs!)
So to recap, I've lost 100 pounds, gone down 14 sizes, and 1 shoe size. In addition, I have gained a whole new outlook on my life and tons of confidence and energy. Good trade off, I'd say. I'm still losing weight, although not at the incredible speed like before. I have about 25 more pounds to go. I LOVE my new body and I'm so very glad I decided to go through with the surgery. I'd do it again in a second and I'd recommend it to anyone who is willing to do whatever it takes (and it takes a lot!) to lose a large amount of weight.


Amy said...

you go girl... you look incredible!

Melissa said...

Who is that skinny minnie sexy beast?


I know you don't want to hear this, but you have always been beautiful to me, no matter what!

Melissa said...

OK I have to comment again.

When I saw the picture at the end, I actually cried. Its not like I had to go through anything you did, but I was just blown away. You have worked SO hard and I am SO proud of you.

Emily said...

That's amazing and you're amazing. You look great!

The Rose Family said...

congrats! I actually did a surgical rotation with the bariatric surgeons here and saw how much determination it takes. Kudos to you-- I know you've earned it!

Megann Wilkerson said...

I have to agree with Melissa - you've always been beautiful! You look awesome and I'm glad that you're so happy!! You deserve to be happy ALL THE TIME :)