Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Don't's

I've been reading blogs for a while now and I've compiled a list of things that annoy me while reading blogs. I'm not singling anyone out or saying I won't read your blog if you are guilty of any of the following. I'm just shaking things up a bit here.

  • First of all, I HATE blog soundtracks! This is when someone has music playing when you enter their blog. This is so annoying because I'm usually listening to something else already on the computer and it's intrusive. And usually I don't like the song that comes on so it's double yuck.
  • I also think it's annoying when someone only writes about their kids and nothing else. I mean, okay, your son likes Dora or Diego, I GET IT! 20 posts about it isn't going to convince me any more.
  • I HATE it when people lie on their blogs. I don't know who they think they're kidding?! Word gets around and it just makes them look silly! I hate it.
  • I'm guilty of this one sometimes (okay maybe now), but I hate it when blogs are difficult to read. That is, when the background is too distracting or the font is too similar in color to the background to read. It hurts my eyes.
  • I also hate when people refer to their blogs as their journals and therefore write as such. I mean, really, it's the internet. You don't get more public than that. It's not a place for your private thoughts, it's a place for your public thoughts. Get a paper journal if you're going to write how much you hate someone or how bad your cramps or anything else that is too personal.
  • Speaking of private, I hate it when people have their blogs go private and don't tell you. Actually private blogs are already annoying, but being closed out and told that I have to send an email to ask to read their blog is no fun. I personally don't think that some stalker is out there reading my boring blog. Even if there is someone I don't know reading, who cares? Like they can do anything to me, except make comments. I don't get the whole paranoia thing.
  • And finally, I don't like it when people take months and months to update their blog. It's no fun checking out a blog that still has a Christmas post in April. Boo!
I hope no one is really offended. Just think of it as constructive criticism from one bored blogger. What are your Do's and Don't's of blogging?

(I bet you put "I hate lists of blogging don't's" on your list!)


Amy said...

I thought I'd already invited you, but send me an email,(welives08atgmaildotcom)and I'd be happy to invite you to my blog, but beware, you may not like it because I'm guilty of most of don't's.

Emily said...

Haha, this is totally awesome. I agree with you on even the ones that I personally do. Like a blog soundtrack, I like mine so I go with it, I don't like other peoples-because I'm listening to mine. So just think of me lovingly annoying you when you hear it. The only one I haven't encountered is lying on the blog. I can't think of an example of that. But amen to the other ones.

The Puffer Family said...

That's a pretty funny list (guilty of a few). My only peeve would be that when I read blogs I feel a little like an underachiever, but I still like reading them anyway!

Jeremy and Becky said...

That is the beauty of each person having their individual blog isn't it. wouldn't it just suck if we were all the same? people have their agency, like to make a blog, to design the blog, to post what they want to on it. Cest la vies!

Krista said...

ok, I went to allie brown's layouts. Cute stuff, but also did cutest blog on the block first, and they are back up with a few cute ones for Valentine's.

And remember, you're always free to not read the blogs you hate!!

Seeing as how I don't think I'm guilty of your list (since a lot of those also bug me) I hope you'll still read mine. :)

Robyn/Lauren said...

Aahh Heidi---never afraid to offend!

Sara said...

I do hate the blog soundtracks. Especially when they post a video to watch with the music from their soundtrack. It is obnoxious. As for the other don't's, well I'll just plead the 5th and leave it at that. :)

linell said...

I read so few blogs that I am not a blog expert. I just go to the next one on the list when I get bored. But you do have some good ideas, especially the one who feel that they need to lie about their life and family. Come on people, do you really have to LIE??

Melissa said...

No really, tell me how you really feel....

I'M SORRY I went private. It was either me going private or Steve divorcing me. So I chose Steve.

You'll be happy to note that I turned the music off of my blog-you whiner (and weiner).

Dial Family said...

Ahh Heidi, you never cease to amaze,(are we having a bad day?).. does William need to come and give you a hug & kiss and tell you he loves you? (WILLIAM!!) I know I'm guilty of a few of those rants!! Too bad, so sad!! I know you'll still be checkin' me out... ;)

Delee said...

My blog soundtrack is here to stay.... But I know you still love me. :)
I miss are long talks! How's it going in our Crazy ward anyway???