Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tag, Tag, Tag!

I know I've done the "Tag" thing already but this is a new one and I love my friend Krisha so I'm doing this for her.


~What is his name? Sean Michael Payne
~How long have you been together? 4 years married TODAY!
~How long did you date? 2 weeks in high school (1994), off and on during the summer of 1999 (not serious), then for 6 months in 2003 before getting married in 2004. Ten year span.
~How old his he? He is 29, and I'm the big 3-0!
~Who eats more? I probably eat more when having a meal, but he out snacks me hands down.
~Who said I love you first? I did. I was "ESP"ing him to say it first, but he wouldn't so I did. But he told me he fell in love first.
~Who is taller? Sean
~Who can sing better? We're probably even, although I could listen to him sing all day!
~Who is smarter? Definitely Sean. Although sometimes I think I have more common sense.
Who does the laundry? Me. Sean will load up the washer or dryer but I always fold and put away (unless I need help)
~Who pays the bills? Me, with Sean's budgeting advice.
~Who sleeps in the right side? I do when Sean's home. Right now, I spread out in the middle. Why not?!
~Who mows the lawn? When our lawn grows in, I will have to until Sean gets back, then it's back to being "Man's work."
~Who cooks dinner? Me, unless Sean wants to treat me and do it.
~Who drives? Sean. I hate driving.
~Who is more stubborn? It's a close one, but Sean is more stubborn. I'm usually the one to break when we have a stand off. It's hard to stay mad at him! But when something is really important, I will always stick to my guns.
~Who kissed who first? I'm embarrassed but I kissed him. It was his first!
~Who asked who out first? He asked me out. Quite the gentleman.
~Who proposed? Sean. He planned a very special night with candlelit lanterns in a playground and a blindfold.
~Who has more friends? Me, which isn't saying much. I only have a few close friends.
~Who is more sensitive? That's all me. I hate that I cry every time I am confrontational. I'm such a sissy!
~Who has more siblings? Sean for sure. His 7 to my 2
~Who wears the pants? If we're on a fancy date, or at church, he does. Otherwise, we both do.

Okay, since the last time I did the "Tag" thing there was a minor family drama episode. I'll keep this one to myself and if anyone reading this wants to be "tagged" then go for it!

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KrishasKrew said...

Thanks for being tagged!! Happy Anniversary?! Does Sean even get to call you? I hope you and William do something fun!!!