Friday, January 25, 2008

My Big Decision About Weight Loss

Okay, I've decided to get gastric bypass surgery. I know that some have different views on the subject but I have given this a lot of thought. I have listed the pros and cons.

  • I feel like it's the "cheater's" way out.
  • I'd have to give up Diet Coke
  • My insides would be all re-worked and out of natural order (kind of creepy!)
  • It's really expensive if my insurance doesn't cover it.
  • I'd probably throw up a lot and I HATE throwing up!
  • I'd have to wait another year to have baby

  • I'd lose weight quickly with major results
  • I'd be able to exercise without the aches and pains in my joints and feet
  • I'd look, act, and feel better about myself
  • I can go back to enjoying activities I can't do anymore, skiing, dancing, rollerblading.
  • People won't hate me on airplanes
  • I could hold William in my lap comfortably
  • I can be a healthy example for my kids (it's hard to encourage healthy habits when you are obese)
  • Sean will love having a wife that can keep up with him fitnesswise.
  • Unless I do something drastic, having a baby could be dangerous.
  • I won't be "the fat friend/sister/cousin/etc." anymore
I have only had a consultation with my doctor and had some blood work done. I go in next month to discuss my options. I really want to have this done and hopefully my insurance will cover it. I have to convince my doctor that I really need to have this done for medical reasons. I know I'm not morbidly obese but I'm stuck where I am weight wise and even where I am is uncomfortable, depressing, and dangerous. I'm sick of failing when I try to change things about the way I look. This is my chance to succeed, finally.


Lauren said...

The Bee--All your silly cons will be far out-weighed when you start feeling great and looking great!

Sara said...

I agree with Lauren. I think that the pro's outweigh the cons (except maybe the no Diet Coke thing?!?). :) I hope that your insurance does cover it so you at least have the choice of deciding to do it or not.

Jeremy & Becky said...

ok... so if oyu want to know what is involved with this from a patient perspective... give me a call i had 2 sis-in-laws go thru this as well as a mom-in law (all exs) and not only will you hate throwing up, but the part of your stomache that controlls the reflex would be gone... simple things as not knowing your limit foodwise would cause an onset of the "dry heaves" that I have had to sit thru with the mom in law for over 4 hours while she tried to get something that wouldn't come out - out. I want to see you healthy and able to keep up with your kids. I love you the way you are.. Sean loves you the way you are... but ultimately do what's best for you... who cares what other people think.

Melissa said...

Did you ever decide about this? keep me informed.

Anonymous said...

I would talk to your doctor about the emotional and mental side effects and maybe underlying issues that will start to come up after you are losing weight. My friend is going through this right now, she's been on all sorts of different meds for depression and anxiety and insomnia and she's finally gone to see a professional about the psychological aspects of her weight gain and now drastic loss.

I would vote for less intake, more exercise and a healthier lifestyle rather than drastic re-workings of your internal plumbing. This is a serious change of how you function physically, emotionally and mentally, not just a quick way to lose weight.

Good luck, God bless.