Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Tree

The fabulous Spring weather has prompted me to get out the Easter decor.  I found I have a TON of Easter ornaments.  I used to fill lanterns or vases with them.  Even hang a few from some flowering branches in a vase.  But after I tried (and loved!) my Halloween tree, I figured I'd try my luck at an Easter tree.  I dragged out the white tree (which was WAY in the back of the storage closet with the Halloween stuff) and set it up again.  I didn't realize I had so many ornaments.  I filled that thing in minutes.  I saw a feather boa used as a garland in a tree in the Fall, so I tried it out for the Spring.  Love it!  I didn't have a tree topper for a while until I saw Charlotte dragging around some bunny ears.  Perfect!  Now I'm thinking about other holidays I can fill this tree up for, Valentine's Day?  Independence Day?  Birthdays?  I think this tree might just stay up year round!

1 comment:

linell said...

The bottom needs some easter grass. It is very cute and festive.