Sunday, October 17, 2010


A small list of blessings:
Beautiful, bright, crisp, Fall weather.
A sweet little baby girl who isn't too fussy.
William, who is such a big help to his new little sister.
My wonderful Mom who was such a big help during the day and all through the night.
An understanding husband who didn't make a big deal about me spending all my time with my mom.
Friends who helped out by bringing us fabulous meals.
An awesome sister with the foresight to take pictures of it all.


Megann said...

That picture of your mom with William and Charlotte is fantastic!! You're right - your life is FULL of blessings!!!

The Puffer Family said...

I love the first picture of William and Charlotte together. What a sweet sibling picture! I hope you are recovering well and getting some much needed sleep!

Timille said...

Charlotte looks just like William!!! So adorable. Glad to see everything is just right for you!

Sean said...

What an awesome baby - sleeps and eats (and poops), with not much to say in between. Looks like the horse tranquilizers are still working.