Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Vacation

Sean has been working like a madman (10-12 hour days, twice a week staying overnight onboard, working weekends, etc.) getting his ship ready for their big inspection. We planned to have a small vacation to Williamsburg. He had his leave approved and we were looking forward to having a great time at Water Country USA and Busch Gardens. But things were getting backed up on board the ship and Sean's week off leave was reduced to 1 day. Thankfully, he was able to get the day we went to Busch Gardens.

I had to go it alone with William at Water Country USA, but we met up with the Candlands and they were a big help. William was such a turkey when it came to walking from attraction to attraction. He would whine for me to hold him until my arms were about to fall off. He wouldn't eat when it was lunch time. He only wanted to eat when everyone else was done and off to the next fun thing. I don't know what his deal was. I now know that amusement parks of any kind are definitely two parent activities. I'm so glad that Robyn and Peter were there to help me wrangle William when I was ready to just melt down.

After a little rest time we went out to dinner and stroll down Colonial Williamsburg. The kids got a kick out of chasing the fireflies. I wish I hadn't been so exhausted because I love Colonial Williamsburg and I would have loved to stay longer. But when the sun went down, it was definitely time to go back to the hotel.

Sean met us that night and we were up and ready for Busch Gardens the next morning. It was blazing hot and I had to buy a T shirt to change into because my layered outfit was stifling me. William had a great time (in between meltdowns) riding the rides and running through the fountains. His favorite rides were the Log Flume (we rode twice in a row in the evening) and Prince Elmo's Spire (a droppy-bouncy ride). I'm glad he had his cousin, Ryan to ride some rides with. We were exhausted by the end of the evening. It was a nice little vacation. After Sean is finished with his inspection, we'll get to take a good long time off and relax properly. Until then, it's same old same old. . . .

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