Monday, February 9, 2009

A Baby Story

I got this survey from my friend Emily. My blog needed a new post.

1. Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant?
At our Chico apartment at 10:00 PM

2. Who was with you?

3. What was your first reaction?
Jumping up and down excited.

4.What was your husband's reaction?

5. Who was the first person you told?
My mom.

6. Were the pregnancies planned?
Yes and long awaited.

7. Was everyone happy for you?
Of course.

8. What was the sex?

9. What was the nursery theme/colors?
Mostly yellow with green, and blue

10. Did anyone throw a shower for you?
Yes. I had a family shower and a Relief Society shower. Everyone was very generous.

11. Did you get any outfits you wouldn't use?
We moved so much in William's first year that some of his outfits got packed and I didn't get to use them before he outgrew them.

12. How much weight did you gain?
80 lbs!! (Mooooo!)

13. Did you get stretch marks?
(*sigh*) Yeah.

14. Did you crave anything crazy?
7-Eleven nachos and soft serve ice cream. Hmmm. . . . question 12 makes sense now.

15. Who or what got on your nerves the most?
Smells. I had a bionic nose and could smell stinky garbage a mile away. Also, the junior high kids I would sub for would wear nasty body spray like Axe and Tag. I almost hurled twice and made one of the kids stand outside until the smell settled down.

16. Where were you when you went into labor?
In the hospital for an inducement.

17. Did you have any complications?
I went to get induced a couple days after my due date and went home empty handed (!) A little over a week later I went to get induced again and he still didn't want to come out. I had to have my water broken, but because I wasn't dilating, they had to do an emergency C-section.

18. Did your water break?

19. Who drove you to the hospital?

20. Did you go early or late?
Very late!

21. Who was in the room?
Sean (they wouldn't let my mom in - stupid hospital!)

22. Did you video tape it?
Heck no!!

23. Did you have any pain medication?
Epidural (after a painful couple of attempts at it)

24. Did you have a c-section or natural?

25. What was your reaction to the birth?
Super scared while I was strapped to the surgery table, but very happy and relieved when it was over.

26. How big was the baby?
8 lbs. 6 oz.

27. What was the baby's full name?
William Michael Payne

28. Did your husband cry?
No. At least not where I could see him.

29. When is the next one coming?
Not soon enough but we have to wait at least a year.

30. If you could, would you do it all over again?
Of course, but with half of the poking me with needles and with only one trip to the hospital.


Krista said...

Ahhh, the memories. I have too many to list, so I think I'll just enjoy reading everyone else's on this one...

Lacey Lu said...

I'll pass on this one...but someday I'll do an "about your baby" post...It's fun reading other peoples because they are fun, and it makes me that much more excited...I just keep tellin' myself, "in due time..."

Anyway, Keep Smilin'! Life's Gr8!
oh and ps. I did a "comment" on my blog under your comment if you wanna see it. lol.

Dial Family said...

That is so crazy!! I remembver you sharing that when you came to Emma's b'day party with William only being a few weeks old... Makes me so nervous with this one... AHHH, Loved the story you posted on our blog!! That is hilarious with you and Robyn!! Lilly loves to do EVERYTHING Emma does... they're so funny to watch at times!!

Sara said...

Being strapped to the operating table for my c-section was seriously awful! They strapped both of my arms down so I couldn't move at all. It was not a good moment for me!