Monday, December 29, 2008

Twilight, Shmilight!!

It's such a shame, really. I was so excited to see this movie. I waited until my mom could see it with me, got a sitter and made an evening out of it. What a letdown!! Towards the end, I couldn't wait for it to be over. Here are my thoughts on what was wrong with this movie.

First of all, the dialog was SO SLOW! It was like a week in between each sentence. Grrrr! Very frustrating! Just say it already!

The supporting cast was ridiculous! It was like all of the high school kids were casted from a bad reality show. No one could carry a scene and I hated every moment Bella interacted with them.

I know everyone who read the books had ideas as to what the characters should look like, but did they have to be so effeminate? That Eric guy was as gay as the day is long and isn't he supposed to be Angela's boyfriend? And Carlisle looked like Noah Wiley with too much powder puff on. I laughed out loud when I saw him. I couldn't help it because of how ridiculous he looked. And Jasper was in a constant state of constipation, or whatever that facial expression was. I know the actor was supposed to be playing 'troubled' but did he even think to check a mirror when he was practicing his 'look.' Oh well, lame, bleh, whatever!

And I guess they blew all of the special effects money on the last fight scene because when it came to the climactic moment of when Edward walked out in the sunlight I was so disappointed! If I had not read the books, I wouldn't know what to look for. He looked exactly the same except for some body glitter. I mean really, if that's all that sunlight did, why hang out in Forks? Go to Miami or San Francisco and live it up where men's body glitter is a common accessory. Booo!

I guess that's all the gripe I can come up with. I was so let down and I'm seriously considering not seeing the sequels, which is a shame because I loved the books so much.


Emily said...

Yes, yes, YES!! I concur wholeheartedly. You said everything I felt but wasn't smart enough to put into words. I said on my blog that I gave it four out of five stars but that's because I had so much fun with my mom and sister and we were obsessed with Edward. It was a ridiculous movie with a special amen to hating Bella when she interacts with the other high-schoolers. And how about how she shakes her head incessantly whenever she opens her mouth-drove me crazy.

linell said...

OK OK I was one of the fools in the theater with you Heidi. You are right when Carlile first came on the scene. The three of us burst in to laughter. Then when Edward came on the scene, all I could see was Sedrick Diggory from one of the "Harry Potter" movies. The movie did drag. Dratts!!!!

Sara said...

I have to admit that I liked the movie...liked not loved. I though the Edward "glittering" thing was pretty lame. I mean, it was glitter...GLITTER! I also was a little bugged that Rosalie wasn't totally gorgeous and Carlisle was a little bit freaky looking. Also, I don't remember Bella being so...blah in the books...annoying yes, but blah no.

And, I had to laugh at your mom's comment...I totally thought of Cedric Diggory the entire time "Edward" was on screen. Funny.

The Fry Family said...

Come on Heidi, you can't be so critical. This was a low budget movie that they made without expecting it to turn into such a huge hype. I agree that there were a lot of problems with it, but overall you have to like it for what it is. I personally liked the high school kids and especially loved Jessica. I did want to reach up and pull Eric's hair out of his face the whole time though. He was pretty annoying. I did love Charlie and thought Carlisle did a great job even though he had too much white make up on. Besides, how can you hate a movie where Ecward looks so good sitting in the rain! I swear the movie was worth seeing just for that scene! Go to it again with lower expectations and I promise you'll like it more.

The Fry Family said...

Oh, and they changed directors for the next movie and it'll have a bigger budget so hopefully it'll be a lot better. I wish I could have seen the movie with you. Your comments would have had me crying from laughing so hard.

The Puffer Family said...

I agree, but I thought it made a good comedy! I also agree with Stephanie - I think they will do better on the next movie. One of things that I really didn't like was the background music. It was like a Jimmy Hendrix solo in the background - kind of ruined for me. But I did have a good laugh!